Moline Memories - MHS 66 Friends

Thursday, June 13, 2013

MHS 66 - Birthday Party and Theater

First Row - Kathy Colberg-Holmgren, Kym Dennhardt Whatley, Lane Gans behind Kym, unknown,
Sonja Ingram Hanneman bending, Darlene Gabriel Katherman behind Sonja, Barbara Dodd Hawotte.
Second Row - Jayne Johnson McDermott, Kristy Avers Mahler, Sherry Perrine Brummet, True Dee Giacomelli Sorgen, Susan Dunlop True.
Third Row - Colleen Burich (I think), Kathy Stang, Ruth Durham Harrison.
Fourth Row - Linda Nelson Pearson, Could Be Anyone, Josephine Schaeffer Johnson, Marsha Anderson Harvey.

Kym Dennhardt Whatley and Jorja Hepner Beert worked hard to put the dinner theater event together.

Dan Collins and True Dee Giacomelli Sorgen are the only two with normal eyes.
I tried red-eye repair on the other three - did not work - could be aliens.

Colleen Burich, Josephine Schaeffer Johnson, and ?

Linda Nelson Pearson, Barb Hawotte, and two nameless ones at the moment.

Susan Johnson Rounds, Jerry Rounds, and Karen J. Williams.