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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Plantation - Velie Mansion

Velie Mansion - The Plantation Restaurant

The one place to eat in the Quad-Cities was The Plantation, site of the old Velie Mansion.

The waitresses were arrogant, as if the diners were not qualified to order their food.

Going there was exciting and dramatic. The food was excellent, and the prices were fair. Since then, how many have eaten at overblown restaurants where the decor was garish, the food mediocre, and the prices outrageous?

Going to The Plantation meant this was a big date. I took my future wife there the night we were engaged. We ate there every so often after that. We still wonder, over 40 years later, if anyone made shrimp cocktails any better.


"Some say the ghost of slain restaurateur Nick Chirekos walks the old Velie mansion in Moline, from its days as the popular Plantation restaurant and night club. Mr. Chirekos, 59, was shot to death in 1979 on the second floor of the sprawling Velie villa nearly. He unknowingly walked in as a man was robbing his office safe. One tale has several kitchen employees hearing Nick's voice. A former bartender said he entered The Plantation's locked Tahitian Room a couple months after the murder and ``heard a man clear his throat.'' Family and friends say it's all nonsense." QC Online