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Monday, January 25, 2010

Leave It To Beaver

Eddie Haskel, Beaver Cleaver, Wally Cleaver
Ken Osmond, Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow
1957 - 1963

This show has endured because of its classic situations, based on the experiences of the writers.

"Leave It To Beaver" brings back memories of Moline situations. Here is one:

Wally: "Beav. You didn't brush your teeth."
Beaver: "How did you know?"
Wally: "Your toothbrush is still dry."
Beaver: "OK. I will go back and get it wet."

The demonstration on how to make the tube dirty, to fake a bath, was another classic, and taken right out of the Jackson playbook. I wondered at the time, "Who told?"

Mathers is still collecting from the show.
He cut a deal to share in the merchandising.
Lumpy is his investment advisor!