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Sunday, January 24, 2010

WQUA and the Crocodile Club

From Anonymous Dave:

The picture of Barlow is from a promotion when WQUA picked up the ABC Radio Network. Flambo brought Don McNeill's Breakfast Club to town and floated the whole gang down the river to arrive in the QCs. Barlow made the trip on the "WQUA Showboat"

Don Nelson came to WQUA in 1955. He did various air shifts -- afternoons, mornings, even late evenings from the Plantation. He also had the first rock and roll show on local radio, even before KSTT went all rock. One of the promotions was the Crocodile Club.

The station held dances, with plenty of chaperons, for teens and the kids even had to dress up. The first dance was at the Moline American Legion. Several thousand showed up and they had to set up speakers on 15th Street to accommodate the crowd. The second dance was at Wharton with The Diamonds ("Little Darlin").

The last pic is of Nelson and Barlow
at the Q reunion held in 2003.