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Friday, October 19, 2018

Navigation - Golden Wedding Anniversaries Will Be Linked Here and Posted in the Left Column

Sometimes one spouse does not live to the 50th wedding anniversary, but the date is still the golden anniversary, even in this grief-denying society of ours. I am listing all golden anniversary posts here and also putting this post in the left column with the rings graphic.

In the unlikely event of an oversight, please let the overworked and underpaid blogger know. I am adding the label Golden Wedding Anniversary to the ones previously posted. Click on the label list and see if you were included, or look on your post and see if the label is there.

Golden Wedding Anniversary labeled posts - linked here.

Significant anniversaries are also posted if one spouse belongs to The Class the Stars Fell On - MHS 66. That can be 10, 20, 24, 36, or any other year.

Honoris Causa - William Daniels and Bonnie Bartlett

Barbara Dodd and Daniel Hawotte

Jim and Jorja Hepner Beert

Barbara Stevens and Dan Lear

Jeff and Patty Puck Hall

Steve and Susan Ogle Quick

Rex and LaWanda Mae Bullock

Jeannine Lawson and Jay McFadyen

John and Diana Robeson

Gregory and Christina Ellenberger Jackson

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