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Friday, April 30, 2010

One of Those Moline High High Achievers

If he had asked for some help, I could have saved him at least a year in putting it together.*

Steve Christensen, MHS 67

Here is his link about Moline High and Augustana College.

Offering a very wide range of fee-based and free services to anyone needing assistance
with science, mathematics, and general computing.

Detailed information on services, software, ordering, and pricing can be obtained at:

  • Mailing Address: P.O. Box 16175, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 USA
  • Shipping Address: 4020 Ellisfield Drive, Durham, NC 27705 USA
  • Telephone: 919-382-5584
  • Fax: 919-382-8979
  • Email Address:
  • Alternative Email Addresses:,, Steven.Christensen@Sun.COM

*Please, no angry emails from my fellow students in chem-physics.

The Importance of Being Earnest - MHS Play

Mike Collins, Jan Chandler, Diana Robinson, Jim Theorell, Janine Lawson.

Logan Students in the Moline Dispatch

Left-click for a bigger version - Tim Ballard, Claudia Cunningham, Billy Poston, Peggy Gillette, Billy Peterson, Karen Sommers, Ross Blackburn, Sarah Staack, Mary Welander, Dick Johnson.

Y Teens Activity

Y Teens

We Did Not Need AAA at MHS Parking Lot

Did Anyone Imagine This on the Net 45 Years Ago?

Myriads of Neriads

We Had T-Shirts for Every Activity


Quill Awards

Lyle Stratton Singing

German Club

French Club

Hich Tech and Home Ec

Contemporairs in the Snow

Kathleen Wilcox, Diane Weyer, and Sue Forbes found the gym too crowded and warm, so they practiced outdoors.


Student Congress

We Were Organized at MHS

Moline Baseball Team

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Logan Grade School Photo

Row 1 - Linda Barker, Juliann Johnson, Julie Thorngren, Susan Isaacs, Claudia Cunningham, Kathy Stange, Kris Streed.
Row 2 - Charles "Chuck" Hill, Lyle Stratton, Brian Bringolf, Dennis Jones, Dick Perkins, Dan Collins, Craig Harding.
Row 3 - Peggy Stone Tom Johnston, Mike Hardy, Bill Poston, Dean Anderson, Paul Johnson, Kathy Stroffe.
Row 4 - Craig Anderson, David Haskins, Jeff Nordeen, Ken Edwards, Mary Welander, Barbara Dodd, Peggy Gillette.

Thanks to Kris Streed for providing the photo with all the names - and she thanks her mother for being so meticulous at the time.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The 45th MHS 66 Reunion Date

Says Dave Coopman.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The 45th Annual MHS 66 Reunion Date":

Judy Marsh Ramsey says if you want current reunion information, email them at and put in your name and address so they can keep you up to date.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who Is Adam Ocepek and Why Is He Writing Me?
He Has Feats of Clay

Adam and Debra Ocepek are known for their ceramic communion ware.

Adam Jones is fondly remembered for his broadcasting at WQUA.

I was reading a long, friendly email from Adam Ocepek today, wondering, "How do I know this person and when did I publish his photo?" I realized quickly enough that Adam Jones was using his legal name - Ocepek.

Adam and my father used to go with a group to see Cubs games. He quoted my father as hoping to live long enough to see the Cubs win the World Series. I guess my father wanted to live forever.

He and his wife Debra, married 35 years now, have their own pottery business, and they make only communion ware:

Write him at this link.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank You Kym Dennhardt Whatley

Kym is going through a very difficult time with her son's upcoming neurosurgery for a rare condition. Nevertheless, she took the time to send her Roosevelt photos with as many identifications as she could remember. Keep her son in your prayers.

Roosevelt Grade School, Sixth Grade

Row 1 - Lynn Pierson, Michelle, Unknown, Unknown, Sherma Meek, Unknown, Linda Ream, Susan Dunlap, Unknown, Diane. Row 2 - Unknown, Jeff Quick, Terry Fredericksen, David Vaughn, Steve Kilgard, Ralph Dickersen, Dennis Applebee, David Quinn, Unknown. Row 3 - Cathy Weller, Peggy Huber, Karen Seaman, Colleen Burich, Liz Morgan, Ann Irwin, Ken Odean, Kym Dennhardt, Jim Patronagiio, Marilyn Rue, Charles Rudiger.

Roosevelt Grade School, Fifth Grade

Row 1 - Linda Ream, Unknown, Susan Dunlap, Unknown, Sherma Meek, Mike Waters, Unknown, David Quinn, Colleen Burich. Row 2 - Ron Barr, David Vaughn, Terry Fredericksen, Steve Kilgard, Kym Dennhardt, Jeff Quick, Tony Nearinck, Ralph Dickersen, Lynn Pierson. Row 3 - Charles Rudiger, Unknown, Peggy Huber, Rosalie Vogelaar, Ann Irwin, Liz Morgan, Cathy Weller, Ken Odean, Jim Patronagio.

Roosevelt Grade School, Fourth Grade

Row 1 - Unknown, Unknown, Linda Ream, Mike Waters, Sherma Meek, Ron Barr, Susan Dunlap, David Quinn. Row 2 - David Vaughn, Colleen Burich, Uknown, Peggy Huber, Terry Fredericksen, Kathy Strofee, Steve Kilgard, Kym Dennhardt, Ralph Dickensen. Row 3 - Ken Odean, Jim Patronagio, Marilyn Rue, Liz Morgan, Cathy Weller, Rosalie Vogelaar, Ann Irwin, Jeff Quick, Charles Rudiger, Brady.

Roosevelt Grade School, Third Grade

Row 1 - Unknown, Unknown, Linda Ream, Mike Waters, Patty, David Quinn, Ron, Susan Dunlap, Uknown, Ralph Dickerson. Row 2 - Kym Dennhardt, Clark Kilgard, Lynn Pierson, Unknown, Unknown, Jim, Kathy Strofee, Unknown, Marilyn Rue. Row 3 - Steve Kilgard, Liz Morgan, Terry Fredricksen, Rosalie Vogalaar, Unknown, Cathy Weller, Ann Irwin, Jeff Quick, Charles Rudiger, Jim Patronagio.

Roosevelt Grade School, Second Grade

Row 1 - Lynn Pierson, Kym Dennhardt, Unknown, Unknown, Susan Dunlap, Patty. Row 2 - David Vaughn, Jim, Uknown, Robert Steagall, David Quinn, Terry Fredricksen, Clark Kilgard, Uknown. Row 3 - Diane, Lance, Charles Rudiger, Ann Irwin, Roselie Vogelaar, Liz Morgan, Kathy Weller.

Roosevelt Grade School, First Grade

Row 1 - Unknown, Unknown, Ron, Susan Dunlap, David Quinn, Linda Ream, Unknown, Unknown. Row 2 - Terry Fredericksen, Kym Dennhardt, Jeff Quick, Unknown, Unknown, Jim Patronagio, Unknown, Unknown. Row 3 - Unknown, Tony Neirinck, Jeff Quick, Unknown, Unknown, , Jim Patronagio, Unknown, Unknown.

Help with identifications is welcome. Post a comment.

Roosevelt Grade School Student Council

Row 1 - Kym Dennhardt Whatley is fifth from the left.

Roosevelt Grade School Basketball

Row 1 - Ralph Dickensen, Seaman, Unknown, Mike Waters, Ron Barr, John Roman, Unknown; Row 2 - Jim, Jeff Quick, Dick Scott, Steve Kilgard, Duane Baker, Terry Fredericksen, David Vaughn, Unknown. Row 3 - Mike Fredericksen, Bill Ackley, Unknown, Mike Meyers, Ken O'Dean, Charles Rudiger, Unknown.

Kym Dennhardt Scrapbook

Snow and Ice, 1979 - Shetter Fude Furniture Store

MHS Band, Cinemascope Version

John Deere Building Society

John Deere Student Council

John Deere Talent

John Deere Y Teens

John Deere Hynotist

John Deere Ninth Grade Photos

Lawrence Eyre

The individual ninth grade photos in the Pow Wow, 1963, are obscured by dozens of signatures. If anyone has a clean copy of the photos, I would be glad to scan them in or scan xeroxes of those pictures.

John Deere Branches

John Deere Tedious Timers

John Deere Halftime Heroes

John Deere Eighth Grade Football Powerhouse

John Deere Clubs

John Deere Dental Exams and Snow