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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Garfield Grade School - The New Addition

Front row from left: Linda Hicks, Greg Jackson, Kathleen Wilcox, unknown boy, unknown girl, John Schneck, Ann Pascall.
Middle row: George Small, unknown girl, unknown boy, unknown boy, Billie Seasland, unknown girl, Jim McCandless, Jenal Vencus. Back row: Terry Thompson, Tamara Gustus, Bonnie ?, then Jeff Hall on the far right, Cathy Pobanz next to him. The rest are unknown at the moment.

I remember the new addition being built and occupied when we were at Garfield Grade School.

The old wooden floors in the original building were a bit wavy, but nothing like the ancient glass in the windows. We had noisy steam heat in the old building, with jets of hot water sometimes escaping. A coal furnace gave us a chance to develop asthma.

The new addition disappointed the teachers because its lack of sound-proofing. We got a real gym instead of a basement copied from Dracula's Castle.

We were the reason. We were the Boomers. All they did was talk about how much we were changing America. No wonder we became so self-centered.

We were always the best class ever. No one says that anymore.

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  1. I remember the new gym. It has a stage. Probably my first experience of being on stage. We used to have CHRISTMAS programs where we actually sang songs about Christmas! It also had a little kitchen. Oh and the square dances they had in the mornings before school.