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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Senior Class Photos, Moline High School, 1966:
The Class the Stars Fell On

Moline High School, when the buildings were brand new.

Many people have lost track of their M, the famous one with the unique madras cover.

Lawrence Eyre loaned me his, so I scanned the most interesting pages into this blog and my Facebook albums.

I decided to add the senior photos, since another class did that with their website.

I had a lot of fun doing it. Unfortunately, a blob of rubber cement from the binding kept appearing on some photos, but inconsistently. I thought it was a scanning error, until I saw formations over some of the faces. When I Photoshopped the blob away, the faces were even more disfigured, far worse than teen acne. I scanned most of them again.

The job reminded me of working at Melo-Cream, except I did not get to enjoy under the counter snacks. Our three-legged cattle dog made up for it by insisting on a trip to Dairy Queen, down the hill. That made uploading 60 pages a little easier.

If you are a Facebook friend you can also page through the senior photos there by left clicking each. Feel free to add tags.

I am looking for photos, digital or printed, of school days in Moline. I am happy to scan and return them. For many, the photos are a priceless return to those happy days when we had wonderful, dedicated teachers and the best possible education. I have told many people, "I went through a public school system that was more like the best private schools."

Those happy days unite our friendships today.

The subtitle of the class album comes from a remark Bruce Johnson made, at one of our reunions, alluding to a West Point class which turned out to be full of future generals. He said, "We were the class the stars fell on." He might have meant to be ironic, sardonic, or humorous, but I think it fits.

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