Moline Memories - MHS 66 Friends

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Thank You - Moliners - For Welcoming Christina Ellenberger Jackson

My wife Christina always enjoyed going to Moline reunions. Her high school was closed in South Bend. 

She was welcomed by everyone from MHS. Kris Streed was very helpful in regards to cancer treatments. Christina and Jorja Hepner Beert had a great time talking. Jorja wrote to me, "SO wish I could have  hugged  her   one more  time ! it  was   the first hug  she gave me  that  calmed me  and  gave  me  strength.   THAT day (  first day met her in person) will  stay with me  always .."

We were asked to dinner with Linda Nelson Pearson and her late husband Dave.

We had a personal tour of Perryville (LCMS' Holy Land) with Mayor Debbie Mitchell Gahan.

Ranger Bob says, "Live every day like it's your last day on earth."

When Larry Easter visited us in Phoenix, we did not realize it was the last time we would see him.