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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moline 1966 Gathering for Their 66th Birthdays. Or - The 1948ers Mark Their 48th Year after Graduation

The Moline High School Class of 1966 is having a celebration marking 66th birthdays. It will begin at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, June 7, at Mulligans, 310 W. 1st Ave., Coal Valley. Front, from left, are Tom Holuba, James Kron and Mike Waters. Back, from left, are True Dee Giacomelli Sorgen, Delma Winter Reakes, Barb Warfield DeSmet, Jayne, Johnson McDermott, Shirley Brown Waters and Julie Thorngren Hanger. For information, call James Kron at 309-797-9658. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lucia Biorn and Marilyn Rue - GAB Formal - Augustana College

Lucia Biorn and her future husband Al Bofinger.
Marilyn Rue with her future husband Ron Lindberg.
GAB formal, Augustana College.

Ray Diehl - Down Memory Lane

Neighborhood football game fall 1957. Offense. QB Bob Erickson, center Bill Smutz, end Tim Smutz. Defense, End Craig Anderson, center Bruce Marlier, end Ray Diehl. That may be Kathy Stange and her sister across the street.

Remember the Monthly Maid-Rite Gatherings - Informal and Fun.

Oh Boy! Our next Maid-Rite get together is right around the corner. May 28, Wednesday, noonish, 16th street location. Besides seeing the smiling faces of your Class of 68 mates, you can get 2 for 1 on their famous Maid-Rites. You know, the ones all the "out of town classmates" keep begging for. Eat some, brag to them and make them crave'm! See ya there!
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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Reunion Activities - June of 2014 - For MHS66 - The Class the Stars Fell On

John Baker Bridge - Photographed by Mary Parsons Caisley

  • JUNE 4TH - Lunch at Lago's at noon. Ten or more attended, plus two spouses.
  • JUNE 5TH  - Ladies Lunch at Crane & Pelican in LeClaire, 1 PM. You must RSVP Kym/Jorja.
  • JUNE 6TH - Weather permitting, crafts at Riverside Park.
  • JUNE 7TH - Reunion gathering. MULLIGIAN'S, Coal Valley, 5PM.

Kym Dennhardt Whatley, Jorja Hepner Beert, and Linda Nelson Pearson
organized some extra activities.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy 44th Anniversary - Kathleen Wilcox and George Kapetanakis

Happy 44th anniversary - Kathy Wilcox and George Kapetanakis. May every day be like your wedding day.

This is not The Miracle on 34th Street,
but Kathy with Santa.
Many familiar faces - Garfield, about 1953.

Front row from left: Linda Hicks, Greg Jackson, Kathleen Wilcox, unknown boy, unknown girl, John Schneck, Jack Ries, Ann Pascall. Middle row: George Small, unknown girl, unknown boy, unknown boy, Billie Seasland, unknown girl, Jim McCandless, Jenal Vencus. Back row: Terry Thompson, Tamara Gustus, Bonnie ?, then Jeff Hall on the far right, Cathy Pobanz next to him. The rest are unknown at the moment.

Garfield Brownies

Front row from left: Diane Manley, Linda Hicks, Sue Lennox,
Candy Clark, Kathleen Wilcox;
Middle row: Unknown girl, Debbie Olson, Kathy Pobanz, Jean Ackley,
unknown girl, unknown girl;
Back row: Linda Wiley, Sally Swanson, Bonna Anderburg , unknown girl,
Joann Minch, Diane Ohrendorf.

This looks like the Garfield basement gym, in the old building. The new addition is now about 50 years old, but that included a new gym with ceilings higher than 8 feet.

PTA meetings were often in the old gym. I remember the food being there. I liked those meetings, because I had about 20 different good desserts to pick from. When asked, "Apple or cherry pie?" I said, "Both."

Cub scouts also met at Garfield. I reached Wolf, with one gold and one silver arrow. Stressed out, I dropped to pursue a more fulfilling hobby, reading comic books.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

MHS 66ers Gather at the Dead Poets Coffee Shop, April, 2014

Dead Poet's Coffee Shop - Dave Hendrickson, Bob Ericson, Paul McIntosh, Jim Medd, Julie Thorngren, Mike Creen, Barb Warfield, Ray Diehl, Jim Kron.