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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Comments for Coach Shipley's 90th Birthday - Open House on April 19th

Coach Gene Shipley photos can be found here.

Birthday Wishes for Coach Gene Shipley- The Coach hits 90 April 19 (Saturday) with an open house at the Wunder-Y Banquet Room. Friends and family are invited to attend from 3-6 pm. Stop in and say "hi" I'm sure the Coach would love to see you.

  • Craig Sanders Gene Shipley was a great coach. I never had him in class, but I still remember his sincere, patient manner when he was showing me how to throw the shot-put during track practice. I wasn't much good, but he always gave me encouragement. He also raised a great son, Mike, as well. I never knew Cindy, but I'm guessing she is the very same.
  • Geneo Lopez I was manager on Moline track team who Mr.Shipley coach for three years when I was a senior Mr. Shipley award me M.V.P. Most Valuable player on the truck team. He said about me, he was manager contributions more toward the squad's performances this season then Lopez The first time Moline Athletic Manger get M.V.P. award" Thank You Mr.Gene Shipley and coaches. the date 6/72 in Moline Dispatch

  • Jane Rosborough Jackson Happy Birthday Mr. Shipley from the Rosborough family ! You are simply the best!
  • Dee DeGraffenried Shea Happy Birthday Mr Shipley!
  • Patrick Kuberski Happy Birthday Mr. Shipley from ALL the Kuberski you coached.
  • John Katherman Happy Birthday Coach! I will always remember those war stories about you and the Marines in the Pacific in WW2 and 5 miles of Quarters!!.
  • Kathy Dowling Happy Birthday, Mr. Shipley ! from Kathy Pearson ~ MHS Class of 75 !!! You look wonderful !!
  • Craig Sanders Happy Birthday, Mr. Shipley from one of Mike's former classmates! Thanks for being such a great, supportive, and encouraging coach for this mediocre athlete. You made a huge difference for me.
  • Craig Anderson Happy Birthday Coach. You were always an inspiration to me. You made me a better person.
  • Greg McCluskey Gentleman. Role Model. Period.
  • Jan Whitebook Zinns Happy Birthday, Mr. Shipley. You are truly ageless! Not only were you a great coach and teacher, you were a great role model. I really enjoyed visiting with you at our last reunion.
  • Pamela Hall Thonn Happy, Happy Birthday! I have such fond memories of being at your house with Cindy Shipley Meers. Also, of all the track meets that my Dad helped out with. Also, the pole vault poles strapped to our station wagon! Second generation, too - my kids w...See More
  • Liz Copeland Congrats on your special day!!! You are a classy gentleman!