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Monday, January 18, 2010

Ken Berry, Mayberry, Brigadoon, and Moline

Moline native Ken Berry:

About Mayberry, Ken says, "It’s a wonderful place to visit and people would fantasize about living there. It’s a place like Brigadoon that shows up every hundred years. It’s a place you dream about living, but you know it’s fantasy and you don’t care."

He adds, "I grew up among people very much like that -- a bigger town, but not much bigger -- and the neighborhood was very much like that and the people were very much like those characters. And it was fun for me to visit, too.

I created this blog before I ran into that quotation from Ken Berry's official website. He expressed the same things I felt about Moline, a place we were lucky to enjoy as we grew up.

Going back for our 40th class reunion in 2006 made me think about all my pleasant memories of Moline, especially since my college students have said they had similar experiences in their small towns. My wife Chris shares those memories since she got to know my classmates when we were in college, and enjoys the reunions as much as I do. My mother taught many of my friends, and my father did his best to fatten them up.

Fortunately, my wife and I now live in an area much like the Moline I remember - small town, friendly, honest, and almost 100% Republican. And our grandchildren live 15 minutes away.