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Friday, January 29, 2010

Beep! Beep! Novelty Song in 1958 -
And Delicious!

WQUA played this a lot. It was on the charts for 12 weeks.


In the same year, Jim Backus did this great novelty record, Delicious!, which we played at home. The laughter is infectious.

It apparently made it to #40 on the charts in 1958.

Jim Backus & Friend
Note: Jim is indicated by J, "Friend" by F.

Lots of laughing and Jim's diction gets a little slurred toward the end

F: Ooh we're gonna have fun.
J: Yes.
F: It's a cozy table, isn't it?
J: And champagne my dear, heh-heh.
F: Mmmmmm delicious, ha-ha
J: You like it? Heh-heh.
F: Mmmmmm delicious, ha-ha!
J: Hee-hee-hee I like it too, heh-heh yes I do like it
F: Mmmmmm delicious.
J: Heh-heh you want some more?
F: Mmmmmm delicious!
J: I knew you'd like it, heh heh ha.
F: Delicious!
J: Have some more...get the waiter and hehheh put on the paper hat...get out the lampshade ha-ha I even like the cork! Waiter, waiter, more! Keep pouring it! Every night's New Year's Eve! Waiter, every night we're gonna do thish, I don't care, loshe the job what are you gonna do scooba dabba doo oh champagne (*hic*)...