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Thursday, January 21, 2010

WQUA - Jack Barlow - Country Singer

Jack Barlow (nee Butcher) looked like this at WQUA.


Jack Barlow recorded this song in 1975.

Jack Barlow CD.

This one is famous: I'd Rather Fight Than Switch.

He also recorded novelty songs under the name Zoot Fenster. According to the comments from his son, the Zoot name was invented by Elvis' drummer.


Anonymous Dave wrote:

"Jack is still alive and living near Nashville. He's had some back operations and doesn't get around as fast as he used to, but he's still got that tremendous voice. He doesn't record any longer, but still does voice-overs. Some of his more notable ones are Bob Evans Farms, Wrigley Big Red Gum, and Chunky Soups. If memory serves me correctly, he's in his 90s."