Moline Memories - MHS 66 Friends

Saturday, January 16, 2010

In the Beginning

Above is possibly the earliest known picture of me. My mother, Gladys Parker Jackson, is holding my older sister and brother. I could be on the way, but I am not sure. Homer Jackson, my father, is revealed in the shadow on the bottom of the shot. He always wore a hat outside. Behind is Wharton Field House, which my father helped build as a laborer. The street behind is 23rd Avenue. Visible is the home of Kathleen Wilcox' grandparents.

This is the Moline I remember. This is why people told me I was lucky:

  1. You live across from the Field House? You never have to worry about where to park the car.
  2. You can walk to Whitey's?
  3. Your mom is a teacher and your dad makes doughnuts.

Across 18th Street A lived Ken, Linda, and Betty Wiley. Linda was a classmate. When they split the streets for going to one junior high or another, I went to Calvin Coolidge and her side got to stay at John Deere for 8th and 9th grade.

Darlene Gabriel and her sister lived across the alley.

A few houses away, on 23rd Avenue, Tom and Rick Hansen lived. One of my father's 8 mm films shows Tom, Darlene, and me playing in our backyard.

Our parents knew each other from parents' meetings, visiting each other, and saying hello at all the local stores.