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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Licorice Factory Aroma

The president of the company, ironically named Smylie, looked ill-suited for such a cheerful vocation.

Does anyone remember the "I Love Lucy" episode about wrapping candy?

Every so often we would stop playing, because the most delicious aroma swept over us. No one could ignore it.

"Licorice Factory!"

We drew in as much of that smell as we could. It was not just a licorice aroma, but a combination of candy flavorings, vanilla, and licorice.

The wind had to be just right in my neighborhood, to get the aroma, so playing stopped when we had a chance to enjoy it. The only thing comparable since has been a breeze across a field of clover. Two children said, "Bubble gum!" and I remembered the licorice factory.

I do not remember anything like tours of the licorice factory, or a cheerful and bright retail store. With a grim president like Smylie, they were probably not allowed.