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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ideas for the 50th Reunion - MHS66 - The Class the Stars Fell On

Planning will begin soon for the MHS66 50th reunion. The reunion committee has been great in setting up events, decade after decade.

This one will be very special, because we realize how ephemeral life is. I can think of many meetings where I saw a very good friend the last time and never thought of that possibility at the time. "Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end." Larry Easter and Al Davis were at our home in Phoenix, and that was the last time I saw either friend.

I have some ideas, which I was sharing with a classmate, and we thought others might want to get ideas posted early. This will be a sticky post on the left margin, so I can easily add new ideas to the list, as they arrive by email, IM, and NSA intercepts.

Facebook has a page for sharing 2016 reunions ideas, too. Just click on this sentence.

Here are some ideas:

  1. We have always gathered at the Moline bar, but not everyone is keen on the noise and booze, so we should have an alternative place designated in advance. such as Whitey's on 23rd Avenue and 16th Street. 
  2. We have lost many classmates already, so it would be good to recognize those friends in a memorial service.
  3. Many big gatherings have a professional photography setup, where people can pose for a formal portrait as a keepsake and purchase them. 
  4. I will volunteer to pull together a photo book of the reunion, with some past photos, and publish it as a full color PDF on - free.
  5. From Kris Streed -  I would really like to go someplace nice. I've mentioned it before, but the hotel next to TGIFriday's would be a nice place for the happy hour event. I know other class reunions have had their gatherings there and everyone was quite complimentary. I understand it would be more expensive, but I wouldn't mind paying a little more for quality. Besides, it is actually IN Moline.

Please read the sign when exiting Whitey's.