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Monday, July 18, 2016

Coolidge Teacher and Principal Burt Ringquist's Birthday is July 20th.
Join Us on the Coolidge FB Page To Wish Him Happy Birthday

We are wishing Coolidge Teacher and Principal Burt Ringquist "Happy Birthday" now on our Coolidge Facebook Page.

We are just getting started, so join us and leave a greeting and thank-you for Mr. Ringquist.

Here is his personal Facebook page in case you want to go there too:

Burt Ringquist - outstanding teacher and principal at Coolidge, will have a birthday on July 20th. Let's start with some Happy Birthdays and comments about his classroom excellence.
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Gregory L. Jackson Mr. Ringquist was one of the best teachers I had at any school. He was always ready for fun and had a great project for us in learning about civics and government.
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Sarah Rosborough Bancroft Happy Birthday Mr of the best teachers I ever had. He always kept my attention!
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Linda Franks Snyder Nache Happy Birthday Mr Ringqiust!!!
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Jennifer Steffen Happy Birthday, Mr. Ringquist!
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Liz Copeland Have a Happy one!!!
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Guy Johnson Happy Birthday Mr Ringquist!
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Linda Swanson Lootens Happy birthday Burt
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Tim Cook Happy Birthday!
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Becki Searls Grimes 🎂Happy Birthday ~Burt🎂
I hope life is treating you wonderfully!!😊