Moline Memories - MHS 66 Friends

Friday, August 13, 2010

MHS66 Only - The Reunion Committee Needs To Rebuild Their Database

The Future Grandmas of America had their earliest meeting at Garfield School.
They even had a uniform and sold cookies.

From Dave Coopman:
Okay... to try to respond to several Facebook messages all at once and get a message out that won't produce some slamming of an email address, here's the scoop.

Our last meeting pertained to, among other things, getting updated snail and email addresses. What I'd like you four to do, is to send an email to all your Class of 66 friends and ask them to send their emails and physical addresses to: Hopefully they will also email their friends to do the same. This will help us re-build the database. (These emails evidently go to Judy Ramsey and should work.)