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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

John Boland - Another Author from Moline High, 1966

John Boland, MHS 1966.

I did not know John Boland at MHS. I think we had the same drowning class, and I recall his name showing up every time a writing award was given out. I tagged them for Facebook, and they appear on his FB page.

He just sent me two books he has written. They came today, but I wanted to mention his work before I reviewed some other Moline books.

He has been involved in journalism, business, and mystery novels or stories for many years.

His journalism is linked here.

His published short stories are found here.

His novels are here.

Some of his books are available at Perfect Crimes.

Many of us enjoy murder mysteries or think we might write one some day. I will write again when I have done some reading in Boland's books.