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Friday, August 31, 2012

More Lovely Ladies from the Class the Stars Fell On

Kathy Stange, Kym Dennhardt, Barbara Dodd, Julie Thorngren, Barb Warfield.
Sherrie Perrine, Polly Brubaker, Deb Hallquist and Jorja Hepner.
A few comments about having a gathering turned into two events (at least) and a lot of fun for everyone.

I am happy to provide publicity for Moline reunion events. I link the blog post on my own page and the Moline Memories Facebook page.

It helps to connect on Facebook.

This blog does not discriminate against any other classes, except to mention regularly that MHS66 is

The Class the Stars Fell On.

An anonymous member of another class said we were way ahead of them in making connections.