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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Garfield - The Athens of the Moline School System - Will Close.
Two Moline elementary schools will close - CBS4 - WHBF Quad Cities, IL-IA News Weather Sports

Bruce Johnson, George Small, and Jim Kron were members
of the Garfield Gashouse Gang, as Mr. McAllister called us at John Deere.
He said he could always tell the Garfield students.
We took that as a compliment.

Two Moline elementary schools will close - CBS4 - WHBF Quad Cities, IL-IA News Weather Sports:

Two Moline elementary schools will close

Posted: May 13, 2013 5:14 AM CDT

By: CBS4 New,
Monday night, the Moline School Board voted to close both Ericsson and Garfield Elementary schools.  Students from the two schools will go to either Hamilton or Lincoln–Irving.  Ericsson Elementary is expected to be transformed into a community center. The move will help save the school district more than $2 million.
Previous Story:
Two Moline Elementary Schools could close the books for good and tonight the school board is set to vote on whether to move forward with the plan.
The administration wants to shut down Ericsson and Garfield Elementary schools and renovate Hamilton Elementary, meaning many students would go to a new school. Students from Ericsson and Garfield schools would likely move to Hamilton or Lincoln–Irving.
These changes are a part of a proposed three year plan that the administration presented to the school board last month. The move would help save the district $2.3 million.
The district held 3 public meetings to discuss the plans.
At those meetings parents and community members said they do not want the schools to close and that it would be devastating to their neighborhoods. Many also voiced their concerns about issues like transportation and class sizes.
But Superintendent David Moyer says it's the right move.  
"There's no other project that we have that will get us the same type of academic benefit and cost savings as this project," said Dr. Moyer.  
He added that having more teachers and resources in one building is an advantage. 
"Teachers are not able to collaborate and increasing teacher collaboration is a very positive thing for student learning and that is something we'll be able to do in a different type of configuration," said Dr. Moyer. 
Anyone can go to the school board meeting tonight right after the committee of the whole meeting at 6:00 at Wilson Middle School.  
If the plan is approved, the superintendent says they'll get to work right away on the details.

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