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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Toby McGriff, MHS 66, Has Been Confined to Hospitals and Nursing Homes for the Last Two Years

Toby and Stephanie McGriff.

Mhs '66ers. We have a classmate Toby McGriff, who has been in a nursing home for 2 years. He is at Riverwood Nursing Home and rehab 430-30th ave East Moline 61244. He has not been able to go home since July of 2011.

He suffered a spinal cord injury due to osteo-myelitis eating away at his 5th, 6th & 7 thoracic vertebrae . He was unable to walk for a long time but now can do so with a walker. 

He is also getting ready for cataract surgery.  Let's send him cards and if possible, go visit him.  I will update when I get his room number and a phone number. Thanks to all of you who take this to heart and let him know he is not forgotten. Once a Maroon, always a Maroon. Go MHS class of '66.

Kym Dennhardt Whatley


GJ - Thank you, Kym, our Sunshine Committee Chair, for the detailed update. Some of us just heard from Toby on Facebook and did not know all this.

The Maroon band was quite a group, with a lot of friendships. Toby used to give me rides home in his tiny Corvair. Once we were halfway home when I realized that I drove that day. Toby had to turn around in the 23rd Avenue traffic and get me back. 

I second the motion to write, phone (check with Kym), and visit. Nothing helps recuperation more than the personal touch.