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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jim Beert - Husband of Jorja Hepner Beert - Had Extensive Surgery Today.

Jorja's Facebook Page

From Jorja Hepher Beert, MHS66 - Ok everyone here is the news. Jim's surgery DID last like 13 hours . he did well as far as B/P pulse and all that. They did a great job getting his head cleared off, al around his ear, and down into the neck. Can only hope they got all the cancer cells, But are sure there are still some floating around and hoping the radiation (once he is healed for I it, enough , wil take care of those. Now is the dreaded "but". The one bad spot on his head that they knew had invaded the bone in his scalp had progressed AL the way into the lining of the brain. 

They called in the neurologist and the 3 surgeons discussed IF they should go into th brain to see if they could get that small piece and lose time on the rest of his head lumps they needed to do. Time would be taken to restrict the part on the brain.SO they decided not to. would have greatly increased Jim's chances of getting meningitis. So besides the radiation, they feel he will need chemo now., too. Worry with that is it causing him to (possibly) lose his transplanted kidney from the chemo. 

Forgive me for not replying to all you FANTASTIC people .. I am reading your kind and caring words ! Well, some anyhow. Sorry if I don't quite make sense here, or explain well. Was late time we got to see him and then got back to hotel. Took awhile to wind down and still didn't sleep well. thanks ALL.


GJ - Jorja, Jim, and their family members are in our prayers, individually and in various congregations.

May God continue to guide Jim's physicians and nurses, to give Jim and Jorja strength and comfort, and to give him healing from this dread disease. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.