Moline Memories - MHS 66 Friends

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Moments Perserved by the Moline Daily Dispatch

Photo features in the Dispatch made us a closer community.

We made fun of our local paper, but a lot of us delivered it at one time or another. One of the best ways to have walking around money was to have a paper route.

Does anyone remember the stack of newspapers delivered with a loud whack!, the folding of the papers for good tossing, and the canvas bag for holding them?

In bad weather, Mom or Dad might drive the route and help deliver the papers.

Collecting the subscription one week at a time was a normal procedure. If the family was not home, the paperboy came back another time.

The reward at one newspaper was better than cash. The boys who turned in their money got to pick out free comic books (minus their covers).

I made my first fortune in the baking business: washing pans, sugaring doughnuts, mopping floors, hauling flour and shortening to the basement and from the basement.