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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Who Is Adam Ocepek and Why Is He Writing Me?
He Has Feats of Clay

Adam and Debra Ocepek are known for their ceramic communion ware.

Adam Jones is fondly remembered for his broadcasting at WQUA.

I was reading a long, friendly email from Adam Ocepek today, wondering, "How do I know this person and when did I publish his photo?" I realized quickly enough that Adam Jones was using his legal name - Ocepek.

Adam and my father used to go with a group to see Cubs games. He quoted my father as hoping to live long enough to see the Cubs win the World Series. I guess my father wanted to live forever.

He and his wife Debra, married 35 years now, have their own pottery business, and they make only communion ware:

Write him at this link.