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Thursday, February 18, 2010

View of Old Moline

First Lutheran Church is prominent in the foreground,
on 1230 Fifth Avenue.
Melo Cream was across the street, 1313 Fifth Avenue.
Lagomarcino's is still at 1422 Fifth Avenue.

I wonder what other prominent buildings can be identified in this photograph.

The LeClaire Hotel appears in the distance.


Dave Coopman has left a new comment on your post "View of Old Moline":

The building in the very foreground is the service garage and the former home of Sexton Ford Sales. Just beyond the chimney on the Sexton building is the old Kittler Motors (the Pontiac dealer before Harrelson Buick took the brand over). Across 5th Avenue from Kittler's, and on the corner, is the old Kohler Law Offices. Today it's Dave Birdsell's chiropractic clinic. Eclectic buildings, but indeed a vibrant downtown.


GJ - Going out the door, on our block, a Mexican restaurant, Ydeens Men's Wear, the Red Carpet Club, were to the right, with First Lutheran looming catercorner. (We always said catty-corner, in the Moline dialect.)

The Shell station was across the street. It is now boarded up. The owners and employees were always at the shop. The owners knew Dad and talked business with him. The employees flirted with teen-aged girls who often worked at the shop.

Leaving the shop, on our left, was Paulson Electric, then WQUA upstairs, a restaurant, and a corner bar with novelty items in the window.

When we went out the back door of the doughnut shop, we saw the industrial buildings of Deere with a fading, leaping dear painted across the back.

Nearby, toward the river, was an auto repair shop where Louis Bellson's brother worked. That may be the same repair shop, showing on Google maps.

Lagomarcino's was just down Fifth Avenue, so we often saw the owner at our shop, having coffee and doughnuts.

My father graduated from Moline High School, and my mother taught in the Moline system, so the shop was a great place for social networking. Long after we grew up, family friends stopped in for reports on where everyone lived. I heard back, although Dad could not remember the names very well. "There's this guy who knows you from school. I can't think of his name. Oh, you know who it is." GJ - "Give me just one hint, Dad." Eventually we would sort it out. "That's the name!"

A number of people have been commenting on the buildings and their memories of Moline. Downtown Moline seemed to need a lot of work in those days, but it is fun to remember the quirky buildings and interesting characters. More on that later.

First Lutheran Church, was one of the earliest established in the Augustana Synod