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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Butterworth Center - A Cottage for John Deere's Daughter

The organ is largely hidden behind a screen.

"The 1909 organ in Butterworth Center has just undergone a major restoration. As one of the largest (if not, the largest) residential organ in the Midwest, it was quite a sight to see it taken apart piece by piece and transferred to Buffalo, Iowa where the restoration was done. The last restoration was done in the 1930s."

Katherine Butterworth was the first lady of Butterworth Center.

This painting is on the ceiling of the library at the Butterworth Center. A mirror on a table allows everyone to look at the painting without severe neck strain. I remember looking over the details of the painting.

How many times did we go to Butterworth Center? For small children, it was a special place to explore until our parents pinned us down. The mansion was a natural setting for chamber music and other events. I went to music events at Butterworth and a flute concert at the new John Deere Administration Center.

The Deere Family mansions were donated to the city, so we enjoyed many outsized benefits for a small town.