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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How To Talk Moline

  1. Howzacome? - Good substitute for Why? "Howzacome you bought that?"
  2. Pop - For the last time, it is pop, not soda. "Have any pop?"
  3. Okey Dokey - Illinois dialect for OK.
  4. Warshington - The capital of the US. "Those idiots in Warshington..."
  5. Warshing machine - An appliance used to warsh clothes.
  6. Ice Box - Refrigerator. "Warsh your hands and get the milk from the ice box."
  7. Catty-corner means diagonally, across the street. "First Moline is catty-corner from the shop."

Additional entries are welcome.


Kenneth Zeigler commented:

"Wait a minute: I never said warsh! But I recognize 'pop' and 'catty corner.' My grandma, who was from Moline, said 'icebox,' but I grew up in the era of the refrigerator (she also hoovered the rug). Also, add to ravine, terrace, etc., 'boulevard,' which means what people elsewhere call the parkway. I don't remember the black squirrels... Let's see...there's 'davenport,' meaning sofa..."


Dave Coopman
How about "grarge" for one... you know, the place you park your car overnight. And... is it the Dis-PATCH or is it the DIS-patch. Come to think of it, we used to call it the "Daily Disgrace."