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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Moline Boys Choir - Fred Swanson

Linda Nelson Pearson scanned this from a program. I added some color so you can find her son. Left-click for a much better view of the photo.

Moline Boys Choir at the St. Louis arch.

The Moline Boys Choir has been famous for many years.

I remember Dr. Fred Swanson auditioning us in the dreary basement of Garfield. Needless to say, I did not make the cut. I remember Larry Eyre, Bruce Johnson, and Greg Keller joining. I think Larry was a Whiffenpoof at Yale, too.

The choir has a Facebook page with a faded photo on it. Good grief - they can do better than that for a famous Moline institution. At the moment I cannot find an old photo of the choir or one of Fred Swanson.

Initial searching showed that Fred Swanson graduated from Augustana College and had a big impact on music in the Quad-Cities. I hope to post more in the future, with some help from Moliners.

From Moline Boys Choir to Jim Bakker.