Moline Memories - MHS 66 Friends

Thursday, February 11, 2010

From Kym Gram

I have been enjoying those Moline Memories. When I get time, maybe over the week-end, I will try to find pictures for you.

Here are a few memories that came to my mind I don't care if you put this on your site. Maybe it will jog others memories too,

  • PX restaurant on 23rd ave.
  • Cozy Corner by Coolidge
  • Omar man
  • Fuller brush man
  • Snow cone truck
  • Parades on 23rd Ave in the summer.
  • All the fun things to do with parks and rec. at Roosevelt in the summer.
  • Bible School @ Roosevelt.
  • Winning Miss Roosevelt and losing at Miss Playground. I still have my ribbon, it no longer goes around my chest!
  • Royal American Shows
  • Moline Pool and Riverside park
  • You could walk everywhere and not worry about "bad" stuff happing to you.
  • Dispatch paper boy. Ours was one of the Pulford boys.
  • Starlight park
  • There was also a drug store on 23rd Ave. that had a real soda fountain.
  • My Mom's dress shop and beauty shop both on 23rd Ave.
  • The record store where you could by a 45 for less then a dollar.
  • The five and dime store.
  • Shopping downtown Moline
  • My favorite was Moline Library, there was just something comforting to about that building.
  • First Christian Church Moline
  • Varsity drive-in
  • Going to the movies at the Paradise and one over on the Iowa side.
  • Drive in movies or passion pits as my Mom called them!
  • Growing up and loving it on 33rd street. 2417-33rd St to be exact
  • The park size swing set my Dad built for the backyard.
  • Playing kickball
  • Looking for 4 leaf clovers in Karen Patronagio's backyard.
  • Coolidge Jr. High and feeling like a dork.
  • MHS and feeling like a bigger dork.