Moline Memories - MHS 66 Friends

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Moline High School Line O Type

The following posts are selections from our senior year at Moline High. The student paper was called The Line O Type because that was still an efficient way to set newspaper type, although it was probably fading at that time. I remember seeing the machine at work in our MHS print shop.

In print shop they taught us how to make our own rubber stamps by setting up metal type, creating a Bakelite mold, and vulcanizing rubber into it. Those high-tech skills carried me through many a recession when income was scarce.

Thank you, Lawrence Eyre, for donating your bound copy of the newspapers for scanning. The 44 year old newsprint was yellow and brittle. The photographs did not scan well, but the stories remind us of many friends and teachers no longer with us.

I avoided most of the honors photographs since they scanned better from the M. I tried to feature as many people as possible.

We are MHS Seniors again, once again getting discounts because of our age.