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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dave Coopman, MHS 66, Marks Birthday
With Proof-sheets for His New Book:
Quad City Aviation

Dave was always the first one on the airplane ride,
which helped finance the QC Airport in Moline.

Today is Dave Coopman's birthday. Say hello to him on Facebook.

He mentioned that the proof-sheets for his new book on Quad-City aviation had just arrived. That always means more work, more corrections, but also the incipient thrill of a new book coming out.

We all have a great deal of respect for Dave's work in preserving Quad-City history. To master the details and present them in an interesting form is quite a challenge. Many historians are not up to the task. They preserve their notecards and print every single one of them, in the name of history.

Dave has given me a new respect for many different Quad-City pioneers and figures, and a much better understanding of our hometown area.

Look up his other books and order them. Each one is worth reading and keeping.