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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Message for Facebook Friends Who Are Not Registered on the MHS 66 Reunion Website

Many of our Facebook friends are not registered on the MHS 66 Reunion website, which I used to contact people for the reunion book biographies.

This is the message I sent, with a slight change in the email address:

Hi. I am finishing up the third phase of our 45th reunion book. Most people would like updates about their classmates.

Please list personal and professional accomplishments you would like to have in the reunion book. If you have a favorite teacher or teachers from Moline (all levels), list two or three of them.

I will check the bios over for typos, but I will also provide an early free version to see on the Internet.

I am going to refer people to the reunion website for such things as address, phone number, and email.

The proof copy will have everything together, so we can all check for errors and better captions.

Please respond immediately. I will start putting part III together. My email address is

If you are getting this on your Facebook page, that means I am making sure you have a chance to respond. It is fun being in touch with each other. About 100 of us are on FB now, and I highly recommend it as a way to keep up with photos, memories, and messages. We have a lot of fun, daily.

I will put the final version of the Reunion Book together as fast as I can. But nothing is really final with Internet publishing. I will be able to fix the errors that pop up.