Moline Memories - MHS 66 Friends

Friday, March 23, 2012

Garfield and Coolidge Have Their Own Facebook Pages.
Will Wilson Join the Throng?

Many familiar faces - Garfield, about 1953.

Front row from left: Linda Hicks, Greg Jackson, Kathleen Wilcox, unknown boy, unknown girl, John Schneck, Jack Ries?, Ann Pascall. Middle row: George Small, unknown girl, unknown boy, unknown boy, Billie Seasland, unknown girl, Jim McCandless, Jenal Vencus. Back row: Terry Thompson, Tamara Gustus, Bonnie ?, then Jeff Hall on the far right, Cathy Pobanz next to him. The rest are unknown at the moment.

Coolidge from behind.

Garfield, minus the front doors and steps.

Facebook users can create a special page for a group quite easily. The school pages are fun because they concentrate the people who went to one particular school or had friends there.

Click here for the Garfield page and ask to join.

This is the Coolidge page, where you can ask to join.

Here is John Deere's page.

Wilson Junior High does not seem to have a page. I found some pages listed as Wilson, with nothing showing. They could be anywhere. Let me know.