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Monday, September 1, 2014

Off to the Flood - 1965

Check out today's Moline Dispatch!!! Page B3. Great shot titled "Flood of 1965." A bunch of fellows catching a ride from the Moline Water Works. You can clearly see John Delarosa, Don, Ackley, Jim Haney, Gary Allen, John Danner,Maybe Tim Cook, Duddly Blunt and Guy Dyer. There's a few I don't recognize. What a great photo!

Thank you Guy Johnson, for finding and posting this.

Gary Allen sees - Gary Allen I see...... Larry DeClerck, Malcolm Tribble,(hidden behind Larry),Bill Sheets, Bill Briesch, Jerry Gerard, ??(squeezed in the middle) Tom Westcott, ???, Jim Haney, Greg White, Don Ackley, Dave Rowell, and Gary Allen.