Moline Memories - MHS 66 Friends

Friday, September 9, 2016

Fun Night for MHS 66 Along the River

Logan Grade School group - all growed up.

MHS 66 - Fun night along the river. Packed room got louder and louder as the night continued. Parking was terrible for late-comers. We sold our spot for $5,000 and a Raytheon missile kit. Neat. Lots of friends and many there for the first time. I offered to haze one first-timer.

I will list some names - not all of them: Mike Heald, Marilyn Rue, Lane Gans, Darlene Gabriel, Dave Coopman, Jim Kron, Bob Hook, Kris Streed, Pam Nystrom, Alan Hoffman, Jackie Ozanne, Sue Forber, Tom Gramkow, Ray Diehl, Kathy Wilcox and her husband George, Lucia Bjorn and her husband, Mike Fleck, Patty Calzia and her husband, Delma Reakes, Dean Parker, Kym Dennhardt, Marsha Anderson, Billie Seasland, Brenda Roggendorf, and some others I can see but not quite name at the moment. And that is just a sampling.