Moline Memories - MHS 66 Friends

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

MHS Reunion - Thursday Informal Gathering - Whiteys and Country Style.
Whiteys Won Dessert Storm I

"You said which one is better?

We are going to have an informal gathering at Whiteys and Country Style on Thursday evening at 7 PM.

Some have claimed that Country Style is even better than Dairy Queen, so this will be a good time to check.

Toby McGriff
Toby is at Rosewood Care Center, 7300 34th Avenue. Sassy Sue and my wife and I had a great time seeing him this afternoon. He is hoping ot come to the Whiteys/Country Style gathering.

It is easy to get to Rosewood. Take John Deere Road East to 70th Street, turn left, then turn right on 34th Avenue. It is nearby on the right.

Our GPS took us to the closed portion of 38th Ave and back around to the same spot again. We began complaining about this, so the GPS turned itself off. Once I reset it, we cruised over no problem.

All the complaints about John Deere Road are under-stated.