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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Melo Cream Memories from an Employee

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "View of Old Moline":

I enjoy reading what you post.

I grew up in Moline and worked at Melo-Cream at 16 (almost 58 now), as did an older sister Cindy and my Mother Donna when she was young. You had a picture posted, one of the girls looks like she could be my mom.
I remember all the pictures on the walls and how Homer Jackson would love taking them(pics). He took the workers to see Brigadoon , the one and only play I ever saw. He and his two hour naps "NOT MORE THEN TWO HOURS" he would say.

He always had the radio tuned to WQUA but when he went down for his nap some how the radio would get turned to KSTT. Homer loved his children and would brag (in a good way) about them. Through the years I have often thought of them and wondered how they are.

Homer would buy us work shoes and had air conditioner put in our apartments.

I'm rambling now but could go on and on. Thank You Homer

Susan Partlow Flanagan


GJ - How kind of you to post this, Susan. If you friend me on Facebook you can find a bunch of Melo-Cream photos in my albums. Dave Coopman will have a laugh about KSTT, because that was the cool radio station. It was a pleasure to know the WQUA announcers and Flambo.

Send more memories to post, Susan. I worked there too, but I think before your tenure. Dad was quite a character. He was very stingy and also very generous. He wanted people to be healthy and not suffer from bad, cheap shoes. I used to hear from classmates about what Dad was saying. I would ask, "My father?" He would ask me about everything going on in my adult life and not say anything. He didn't want to spoil me with his responses. But he would go on and on with others, I understand.

Adam Jones was a WQUA announcer, now famous with his wife for their liturgical ceramics business.