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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

John Boland's Latest Book

John Boland Publishers Weekly gave a starred review to my new novel, Hominid. It's at Amazon; official pub date is Oct. 15.

Publisher's Weekly Review of Hominid, A Novel by John C. Boland:

At the start of this superior science fiction thriller from Boland (Out of Her Depth), archeologist David Isaac arrives on Chesapeake Bay’s Ewell Island, once occupied by people driven out of the Maryland colony in 1670, to help his mentor, Noel Sprague. Sprague, the expedition’s leader, hopes to unearth three coffins containing members of one of the island’s first families, who were suspected by their contemporaries of being Satanists. Tragedy strikes after Roberta Gerson, a well-liked young scientist “developing a specialty in Colonial village life,” is lost in a suddenly flooded excavation pit. When the receding waters allow Isaac to go below, he finds evidence that Gerson’s death was no accident. Meanwhile, a dogged investigator from the National Institute of Science probes the organization behind the expedition, the shadowy St. Leger Foundation. Boland’s taut atmospherics, especially in the scenes set on Ewell Island, are top-notch, and the evolutionary themes he explores are easily accessible to nonscientists. (Oct.)