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Friday, October 14, 2011

A Modest Proposal for Annual MHS66 Gatherings

Some of us were discussing future gatherings, assuming a big one for our 50th anniversary gathering.

I asked the reunion committee to consider an informal gathering on an annual basis. A number of people seemed favorably disposed.

Many of us were happy to have a time when we could plan some small-group activities, such as a trip to Lago's, golfing, and a solo walk along the river.

The reunion committee, energized by their wildly successful 45th events, could set a date for 2012, like the 60th birthday party. We could have a picnic or whatever else is simple to set up. That way, people could plan to see a lot of their friends at once, since many of us travel a long way to Moline.

This assumes that not everyone could make it each year. Nor would everyone be expected to attend. But - with a fixed date, we can make plans for that and quietly encourage friends and relatives to avoid marriages, reunions, and crises during that time.

The annual gathering can easily be promoted with this blog, Facebook, and the MHS66 website. We might keep better track of each other with annual events, too.

One of our servicemen noted that his group's annual events drew together a number of wives in friendships. My wife had a great time this year and would not miss Moline reunions for anything.

I thought not.